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Why does my school need an Occupational Therapy Consultant?

Occupational therapists help bridge task demands with individual skills to provide the just right challenge for different types of learners. They analyze the root cause of a challenge in a struggling learner and suggest ways to enhance already existing skills. Occupational therapists contribute to the team by sharing a unique perspective grounded in a multi-system and multi-sensory approach. 

The collaboration of a school team with an occupational therapist creates a strong opportunity for positive academic experiences and developmental growth for different types of learners. An occupational therapy consultant supports students, educators, and families in reaching the school’s goals and students’ potentials.

What does a Occupational Therapy Consultant do?

 – Perform screenings for individual students and suggest pre-referral strategies. 

– Address students’ needs and support class flow through classroom strategies and specifically designed activities.

– Work with families to describe screening results and steps to take. 

– Meet skill specific goals through unique curriculum design and measurable objectives. 

– Enhance school culture, and support school vision and goals through sensory design and supportive spaces, team discussions and supports, education and collaboration.

The benefits of having an OT Consultant

Schools who work with occupational therapy consultants benefit by having support for individual students, classrooms, the school environment. The school team will learn more in-depth observation skills, fun and creative ways to promote skill development, new perspectives on behavior, play as a tool, and the power of environmental modifications.


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