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The Neuro Leap Classroom

Become each child’s development expert

Can your early childhood classroom use a neuroscientist? A fairy? A therapist? A miracle?

Are you wondering which approach to use to best address each students’ behavior challenges, bring out their potentials, lay the foundation for future academic success, promote social skills, infuse the day with play, curiosity, and exploration, while meeting curriculum standards, all within considerations for each child’s unique needs?

Have you ever asked yourself: Is it sensory, behavior, social-emotional, cognitive… and what to do next?

How do you balance it all while maintaining a positive classroom flow?

Join my course for a game-changing perspective.

The Neuro Leap Classroom
An intermediate level video course for early childhood educators, SEITs/SETTS, and school-based occupational, physical, and speech therapists serving children ages 2-7 years old.

This course offers extensive information on the progression of neurodevelopmental skills and their relationship to pediatric milestones, academic performance, and behavior. This course will empower attendees with the necessary tools to begin identifying the root cause of challenging classroom presentations even amongst high functioning students with subtle delay, as well as provide PRACTICAL classroom-based strategies for reaching academic potentials and establishing supportive classroom flow using age-appropriate activities grounded in high impact play and evidence-based research.

  • Understand the role of each of the sensory systems, gross motor development, fine motor development, and cognitive subskills on milestones, behavior, and academic performance.
  • Use neurodevelopmental analysis to understand and solve difficult classroom presentations.
  • Understand the skill deficits model driving challenging behavior and design individualized supports.
  • Identify the underlying root cause in academic delays and design individualized supports.
  • Contribute to each students’ success using informed cuing, modifications, and scaffolding grounded in activity analysis and child-specific needs.
  • Use task analysis and neurodevelopmental skills approach to modify classroom activities to optimize success by targeting the areas of neurodevelopment.
  • Collaborate with the professionals or family members on the child’s support team using measurable information.

  • Task analysis: The relationship between neurodevelopmental skills and milestones. 
  • The sensory systems: Explore each sensory system and its relationship to academic performance and behavior. Incorporate sensory processing techniques within classroom activities and design.  
  • Gross motor development: Learn the key elements on gross motor development and its impact on academic success. Create scientifically effective movement breaks. 
  • Fine motor development: Delve into an in-depth analysis of fine motor components, strategic cues, and progressions. Master the art of problem solving to address delays. 
  • Cognitive Foundations: Understand the building blocks of cognitive development. Seamlessly incorporate executive skill training into everyday classroom tasks to optimize attention and engagement. 

Included in the course:

  • Resources
  • Case Studies 
  • Practical Ideas based on annual goals.

  • FREE 30-minute one on one consultation with Anna Goldenberg, OTR/L, scheduled upon completion of this course, to answer your questions and personalize the course content to your specific needs. 

How To Join:

Option 1:
Self-paced online course

The Neuro Leap Classroom is a self-paced, online course. Access to the course will be emailed to your inbox and can be reviewed at any time. 

Course Price: $200.00 for individual online access

Groups rates for 10+ participants available upon request. 

Option 2: In-person lecture in your institution. 

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CEU credits are currently not offered (pending). 

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